A Sampling of Discovery Classes

Distinguishing Knowledge from Faith

Society posits that belief in Judaism, like belief in all other religions, is a matter of blind faith. The Discovery Seminar posits the exact opposite: that belief in Judaism is NOT a matter of blind faith, but should and must be a logical decision based on plentiful evidence. This class discusses the decision making process and the difference between decisions made “on faith” and those made on evidence.

The Seven Wonders of Jewish History

The Jewish People are an eternal riddle. How is it that Jews have survived longer than any group in the world and often under the worst of circumstances? Are they the Chosen People? And if so, why are they so hated? Are they worldly activists or scholarly “People of the Book?” The contradictions of Jewish history are the basis for an exhilarating edge-of-the-seat adventure.

Information Only The Author Could Have Known

There are pieces of knowledge contained in the Torah which could not have been known to mankind 3,300 years ago when it was written. These are not vague predictions, but specific, bold statements of facts unknown to the ancient world.

Transmission: Is Today’s Torah the Same as the Original?

The Torah we have today is unique among ancient writings for its accuracy of transmission through three millennia. This class turns the focus to human psychology: Why was it so important to transmit this document so carefully? Why were such extraordinary measures taken? What is this book, and what does it mean to our lives?

Codes: The Hidden Genius of the Torah

Top mathematicians and computer scientists from the US Government and leading universities in the US and Jerusalem have worked together to crack codes in the 3,300 year-old Torah – codes which predict modern events in stunning detail. This class shows how the research is done and what the codes say.

G-d’s Hand in History

This class treats two highly illogical and almost preposterous commandments given to the Jewish people – commandments no sane “human authors” could have made because they depend on control of history outside human hands. This class also shows how dramatically human history has paralleled specific predictions in the Torah and Prophets.