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Terms and Conditions

I hereby release Aish HaTorah, 580014363 (“YAT”) and/or any representative on its behalf from any legal liability and/or any loss or damage which I may sustain, personally and/or to my personal possessions, in connection with my participation on the tour that will tack place on the Aish Destiny Family Experience (the "Tour"). I hereby declare, as follows;

I have consulted a physician of my own choice who confirmed my participation in the Tour as defined above.

I am aware that any change in my medical condition requires a renewed medical approval, and that any such change requires me to immediately notify Aish.

I acknowledge that the Tour activities, including, but not limited to, hiking, rafting, snorkeling, swimming, camping, bus, jeep, and air travel, may be subject to certain hazards (the "Tour activities").

I hereby declare that I am voluntarily participating in the Tour and Tour activities, and I hereby agree to accept any and all risks associated with my participation therein.

I acknowledge that the medical insurance secured by YAT for during the Tour does not cover pre-existing conditions and that I am advised to cover the risks associated with the Tour and Tour activities by personal insurance.

I hereby release YAT and/or any representative on its behalf from any legal liability arising from the Tour and/or the Tour activities and undertake that I will not raise any such claims or complaint against YAT and/or any representative on its behalf, and I hereby waive any and all claims against YAT as to its liability for any damage as a direct or indirect of Tour and/or the Tour activities, including but not limited to personal possessions damages and/or equipment loss.

I hereby agree and give my irrevocable permission that Aish and/or any representative on its behalf may use photographs which I appear in, in the course of the activity, for advertising and public relations purposes in any existing or future broadcast media. (press, television, internet, cellular and / or any other media) without any consideration.

By submitting my online application, I declare, that I have read a fully understood this agreement and agree to be bound by its terms and conditions.