COVID Success Stories

Success is better shared!

This past year has been challenging globally. Baruch Hashem we recognize The Almighty’s Hand in all of this although sometimes it’s been harder to see than at other times. We’ve had to adapt and it’s taken dedication and ingenuity to continue our special work and not everything we tried worked out, Baruch Hashem though, lots of things did. We’ve set up this message board for people to share successes. It can be your own successes or stories that you heard from others, either anonymously or not. We look forward to being inspired by your stories and to learn new and exciting initiatives.

Stories shared so far:

  • COVID Events
    Here are a few of the programs/events we ran this year: Outdoors: We ran an environmentalism-themed event where we did a guided hike with naturalist, pulled weeds in the woods, and then had a sustainability-themed picnic spread with group discussions about Torah ideas on environmentalism. Virtual: 1....
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