Shalom! My name is Will, and growing up in Toronto at the end of our Passover Seder, we used to say Next Year in Jerusalem! And now I’m here, I’m studying at Aish in Jerusalem!

Myself, along with the eighty of us still here, are learning about our Jewish heritage, the importance of Israel to the Jewish people. Learning about all of the trials and tribulations the Jewish people have made it through and using our storied history as a source of energy and inspiration in knowing that no matter what faces us, by uniting and sticking together, by reaching out and being there for one another— together we can get through anything!

We are reaching out to you. Our extended Aish family. For the first time since the Jewish people were in Egypt, we have been told to stay inside our homes during Passover. For many of us still here, Aish has become our home, Aish has become our family. We are driven to make this our most powerful Passover yet, the most meaningful seder we have ever been apart of. We are reaching out to you for support in making that happen. We cannot do it alone.

When this virus passes, which it will, and we are finally able to emerge from our homes and feel freedom again, we hope you will join us here at Aish, right across from the Western Wall, next year in Jerusalem!
-Will Wolfowich
Aish Leadership Student