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The Aish HaTorah Summer Leadership Kollel is a 6 week summer learning program in Yeshivat Aish HaTorah for students between the ages 19 and 25, who are motivated to spend their summer learning, growing and having an impact.

The program combines two sedarim of learning, professional leadership training, many hours of hands-on kiruv and practical teaching experience on the different Aish programs, a variety of seminars in both Jewish Philosophy and personal growth, and certification in Advanced Leadership Training from Aish HaTorah!

What will I gain from Aish Summer Leadership Kollel?

  • A Summer of high level learning
  • Learn fundamental Jewish Philosophy – and teach it!
  • Be inspired and empowered through personal growth seminars
  • Learn how to teach and lead
  • Spend many hours learning 1 on 1 with beginners to Judaism, inspiring and impacting them
  • Get feedback from experts on teaching methods

What makes Aish HaTorah the perfect place for this program?

Aish combines a regular Yeshiva, with learning to suit all levels, and world-experts on Jewish Philosophy, inspiration, answering tough questions, highly sough-after speakers and teachers and unrivaled opportunities for teaching and inspiring others.

What are the dates of this year's program?

June 18th – July 30th 2019

Can I see the schedule?

The schedule is subject to change.

There are trips and special events throughout the program that will impact the schedule.

What level of learning/textual ability is required?

The program takes advantage of everything Aish has to offer – including gemara b’iyun and b’kiyus shiurim of various levels  – to suit your needs.

How does accommodation and meals work?

Accomodation is in Aish Hatorah’s renovated Air Conditioned dormitories in the Old City, close to the Yeshiva building. There’s also a gym and laundry facilities.

Participants are provided with 3 delicious meals a day.

Being in the heart of the Old City and close to the town center means it’s easy to find places to eat out or meet with friends and family.

Are there scholarship options?


Where can I get more information about the program or scholarships?

Contact Rabbi Yonasan Caller.
Email:              ycaller@aish.com
Call:                 +972-58-325-4420
WhatsApp:     +972-54-475-4420 

I want to apply! Where can I do that?

Visit www.aishapplication.com and click “Summer Leadership Kollel” as the Program you are applying to.