Dear Aish Family,

Rosh HaShana is a time for renewal and commitment. We focus on the upcoming New Year and all that we hope to accomplish. It is also a time for all of us to pause and appreciate what we have accomplished over the past year. This past week, I was reminded in a very big way what we have accomplished at Aish.

I traveled to Aish Mexico this past week to celebrate the opening of a second Aish learning center in Interlomas, Mexico City. When I started traveling to Aish Mexico 4 years ago, I sat with the Board and discussed ways to expand and grow. We spoke about opening up in an area where there were a huge number of Jews that were unconnected.

We knew that we wanted to be in Interlomas, as there were so many young Jewish professionals, but we weren’t sure  how to find the space and raise the money. That is when we met the Moises and Rafael Kababie brothers. They are Jewish builders who had plans to put up a hotel and office building. Our incredible Aish board members reached out to them and sure enough, the Kababie brothers were very interested in building an Aish learning center in the midst of their project.

Fast forward to this past week as I stood on the new Aish Center porch and Rafael Kababie pointed out all the buildings full of Jews surrounding us. He was so proud of the Torah that would be learned in our new center. (Click here to see more of Aish Interlomas.)

We then held an Aish Board meeting to discuss how to further expand and how Aish Global could help. When it came time for me to speak I was very emotional. Not one person at the table lived in Interlomas. Every Jew that attended our opening and contributed to this new project only wanted to help Jews they had never met. The new Director of Aish Mexico, Rabbi Beto Ergas gave a detailed power point on how we would be able to reach 750 Jews in that new area. Just awesome!

This is the essence of being a Jew. We love each other even though we may have never met. We are willing to support and even die for each other because we are family. The Almighty is our Father and on Rosh HaShana we will approach him and pray for the spiritual growth and physical safety of the Jewish Nation all around the world. May the Almighty bless all of us with the strength to continue to inspire and fight for our Nation.

Shabbat Shalom!

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