UN Ambassadors Visit Aish HaTorah in Jerusalem

L- R: Richard Heideman, Marc Goldman, Amb. Danny Danon, Rabbis Steven Burg and Gavriel Kleinerman

Aish HaTorah was excited to welcome 35 UN ambassadors to their World Center in Jerusalem this week along with Israel’s Ambassador to the United Nations, Danny Danon and long-time Aish partner Marc Goldman.

Ambassador Danon expressed his appreciation to Aish HaTorah for all the work they do worldwide. “Thank you for presenting us with these important values, and for the great work with teaching not only Jews, but to anyone who wants to get involved with Jerusalem and see Jewish values.”

The secret to Israel’s success as a nation is our ambition to make the world a better place. Aish HaTorah Dan Family World Center, opposite the Western Wall, is a place where Torah comes to life.  Thousands of visitors pass through the doors of Aish HaTorah each year to learn about the Jewish heritage and morals of Judaism.

Rabbi Steven Burg, CEO of Aish Global addressed the crowd, highlighting how Abraham introduced the concept of taking responsibility for the wider community. “Aish HaTorah is proud to host UN ambassadors from all over the world and thanks them for their contribution to Israel and the world.”

UN ambassador to Jamaica, Earle Courtenay Rattray, conveyed his excitement about the event to the group: “We’ve learned about the history of the Jewish People, but we’ve also learned a lot about the values of the Jewish people – and certainly what binds them together. This is a central part of the story of the Jewish people. We’ve seen a lot on our few days here so far, but I think when we all go back to New York, today will definitely stand out as a highlight.”

Ambassador Danon continued, “As we celebrate seventy years of our independence, it is heartening to be joined by senior representatives of so many countries from around the world. While Israel faces many challenges at the UN, we also know that we have many friends, and that this number continues to grow as more and more countries come to appreciate our beautiful thriving country and the contributions that we make to the international community.”  

The group was brought to Israel by March of the Living and AZM.

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