Dear Aish Family,
This week the Aish family suffered a tragic loss after the passing of the Tzadik (righteous man), Rabbi Eric Most. As it is Purim and according to Jewish law this is a festive time, I will wait until next week to write more about this holy Jew. Our hearts and deepest prayers are with Rabbi Most’s wife, Naomi Rivka and their children, Coby, Gavriel, and Adina.

Purim is the Aish HaTorah holiday. At its core, the story is about a young woman who found the courage to do the right thing and save the Jewish nation. As Esther is married to a homicidal maniac who also happens to be the king of Persia, she is the only person who can save the Jews from annihilation at the hand of the genocidal maniac Haman. When she is urged to go to King Achashverosh and plead the Jewish case, she is scared.

Esther’s relative Mordecai tells her that even if not through her, the Almighty will find another way to save the Jewish people, and perhaps this is why the Almighty placed her in this position. At hearing her uncle’s words, she girds her strength and embarks on a mission to save all of us.

This is really and truly what it means to be a Jewish hero. Our heroes do not possess superhuman strength. Jewish heroes possess a superhuman heart. Our belief in Aish HaTorah is that every Jew possesses this potential. The ability to rise up to any occasion and become a leader.

This week we lost someone who although small in physical stature, was a lion and giant in terms of his service to the Jewish nation. As I mentioned at the outset, I will more fully paint a picture of our brother, the hero Rabbi Eric Most zt’l next week. As has been the case so many times in Jewish history, we will set aside our mourning to celebrate this festive time. It is important for all of us to know that even today, each and every one of us can become a great leader like Queen Esther. May the Almighty empower all of us to fulfill our potential as leaders and may He grant us the courage to face the future without our dear friend Rabbi Eric Most.

Best wishes for a festive and joyous Purim!

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