Dear Aish Family,

What a week this has been. I started out this past Shabbos at the Project Inspire Convention.

It is hard to put into words the power of sitting with over 1000 Aish partners who spent the entire weekend discussing how much they care about their Jewish brothers and sisters. If I can sum up the theme of the weekend it was: “No Jew Left Behind.” I was honored to address the gathering where I shared the vision and values of Aish HaTorah. Kudos to Project Inspire CEO, Rabbi Chaim Sampson, and founding chairman, Stuart Hytman on an amazing program.

While it was good to discuss how important it is to engage all Jews, it was even better to see it in action. I went from the PI Convention to visit one of our most outstanding branches, Aish Mexico.  In my mind, Aish Mexico is an important symbol of Aish HaTorah’s phenomenal endurance. Aish Mexico was started just as we lost our founder Rav Noach Weinberg. Instead of failing, it has thrived beyond anyone’s wildest imagination. Aish HaTorah is respected by everyone in the Jewish Community of Mexico. One of the reasons I came this week to Mexico was because the Jewish Community came together to honor the indefatigable Aish Mexico branch head, Rabbi Arturo Kanner. By all accounts, they should be content but they are not.

I traveled to Mexico to view the location of the new second Aish Mexico branch that is being built. It will be ready in August and it is absolutely stunning. Why would the board of Aish Mexico fundraise and work towards building a second branch? Simply because they believe in the principle of “No Jew Left Behind.”

Our work at Aish is far from over. In the past eighteen months, due to the hard work of Latin America COO, Rabbi Meir Rosenberg, we have established three new Spanish speaking branches. Rabbi and Rebbetzin Chaim Leizorek will move from Jerusalem to Mexico City this summer to head up the new branch. Many thanks to Moises and Nava Rabinovitz and Sergio and Susy Kershenovich for spearheading the vision.

The bottom line is that Aish is growing and expanding. That is good news for the Jewish people. If you believe in “No Jew Left Behind” then please join us as a partner in building a strong Jewish nation. How can you partner? By loving every Jew, inviting them into your homes and learning Torah with them. May the Almighty bless us all with the strength to continue loving and embracing our fellow Jews.

Warm regards and good shabbos!

9th Annual Project Inspire Convention

“We are not here to discuss kiruv or outreach. We are here to discuss what it means to be a Jew.  And that is to love every other Jew.”

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