Dear Aish Family,

Every week I write to all of you to discuss something amazing that happened the week before. On any given day in the Aish family, awesome things are happening. Whether it is a Jew learning aleph beis for the first time or saying their first prayer, Aish is there for all the important moments in a Jew’s life.

This coming week Aish HaTorah will be running our annual CauseMatch fundraising campaign. Every year we enable all of our friends from around the world to partner with Aish on the awesome work that we do. While most organizations don’t focus on “how they raise money” I think it is important to shed some light on our process.

Each year our Goldman Banquet Hall becomes a call center. It is one of the most beautiful sites to see. For 36 hours students from all backgrounds and walks of life will come together with rabbeim and staff to call all of you and ask for your support. The common bond felt in that room is a true love of the Almighty and tremendous gratitude to Aish.

I want to personally thank Rabbi Jack Kalla who has coordinated this effort for the past few years. When I introduce Rabbi Kalla I always like to point out that before he came to Aish he worked in a casino so he knew to bet on Aish the moment he walked in the door! Rabbi Kalla went on to help build our world famous and become one of the indefatigable leaders at Aish in Jerusalem.

On a personal note, I would like to share that in the past two years it has been my honor to help Aish rebuild itself into the premier Jewish global institution. Every day Aish connects Jews to their heritage. Every day Aish educates Jews around the world. Every day Aish empowers Jews to become leaders. Please join us in furthering our goal of connecting all Jews to their heritage.

Please take 2 minutes before Shabbat and watch this video to see why people think Aish Is Awesome.

Keep an eye out for campaign updates coming to your inbox throughout the campaign

Thank you all for being our partner in our important mission to inspire the Jewish world. May the Almighty bless all of you with Judaic passion and inspiration every day.

Warm regards and good shabbos!

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