Dear Aish Family,

It is hard to put into the words the thoughts and emotions from this past week. Last year, on the eighth yartzeit of our founder and visionary Rav Noach Weinberg, we made a decision to create a week-long learning seminar called Yarchei Kallah. The idea was to allow the students of Rabbi Weinberg to come together and reacquaint themselves with the values which he held dear. It was also deemed important for the students in our Yeshiva, who never met Rabbi Weinberg, to learn about his legacy.

I didn’t think we could improve on last year’s program. I am happy to admit that I was absolutely wrong. There were classes for men and women all week long. Literally, any and every Torah wisdom was offered. One of my personal highlights was a lunch I had with fifteen of our students where we discussed their careers in outreach for ninety minutes.

Due to the fact that we have outgrown the ability to take a group photo on our famed roof, we proceeded to the Western Wall plaza for our group photo. Immediately afterward we went to daven mincha. Following mincha, we broke into a large spontaneous circle singing and dancing.

Jews who were visiting the Kotel stopped to watch us. That is when the students of Aish, one by one, started to pull all of the onlookers into the giant circle. As I was watching the scene unfold one of our Aish Gesher students looked at me with a big smile shrugged his shoulders and said, “Jews never like to dance alone”.

What a powerful statement! This sums up Aish HaTorah. We need to turn up the volume of our music and bring more Jews into our circle of Torah to dance with us. There is no doubt that this togetherness is what the Almighty desires above all. May the Almighty bless us with Jewish unity always.

Warm regards and good shabbos!

Aish HaTorah 2018 Yarchei Kallah Special Edition

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