Dear Aish Family,

This week we celebrated the holiday of Shavuos. This literally is the holiday which most represents Aish HaTorah. On Shavuos, we commemorate the giving of the Torah by the Almighty to the Jewish nation.

What made the Jews distinct and ultimately form a strong nation has always been the Torah. Wherever you travel in the world, if you walk into a Synagogue and open up an ark you will find the same Torah scroll inside. It is our history, heritage and laws rolled up in one document.

The custom came about many hundreds of years ago to stay up all night long studying Torah. There is a tradition that when the Almighty came to the Jews and asked if we would like to receive the Torah, we said “Na’aseh VeNishma” translated literally as “We will do and we will hear.” The Jews knew that if the Almighty was offering a present it must be good, so we offered to practice and find out the details later.

On Shavuos night we stay up all night to look into the details. We study to come closer to the Almighty because when one studies Torah they realize that it is the greatest gift ever given to man. I am so proud of the dozens of locations around the globe that Aish HaTorah was able to provide Torah classes to thousands of Jews. As is our custom one did not need to have any Judaic background to attend.

I want to especially thank Rabbi Schwartz and Rabbi Cowland for coordinating a great program at our world headquarters in Jerusalem. All night long at the Aish HaTorah Dan Family World Center Jews came from all over to taste the sweetness of the Almighty’s Torah. It was a beautiful sight to see tens of thousands of Jews walk to the Western Wall to daven at sunrise after studying all night. May the Almighty give ALL of His children the passion to study His Torah and come closer to Him.

Warm regards and good shabbos!

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