Dear Aish Family,

One of the issues that presses upon every Jew is that of Jewish continuity. Jews have carried the mantle of the Torah close to our hearts for thousands of years. We have passed it onto our children as a family heirloom for tens of generations. A few hundred years ago, during the period in Jewish History known as the “Emancipation” many Jews started to wander away from their heritage. Jews began to assimilate into the culture of others and our Jewish heritage was in danger of being lost.

Forty years ago, not long after the liberation of Jerusalem and the return of the old city to Jewish control, Aish HaTorah was established to reignite passion for Judaism in young men’s hearts. Rabbi Noach Weinberg, of blessed memory, decided that these newly minted students should go out and spread the warmth of Judaism around the globe.

Many young men walked into Aish HaTorah seeking the truth of Judaism and walked out with their rabbinical degree tucked under their arm. They went to communities like St. Louis and Toronto to plant the flag of Torah in the souls of the local Jews. In this way, Aish HaTorah spread to six continents and millions of Jews.

All this and more was spinning through my mind this past Sunday night when I attended the wedding of the son of Rabbi Daniel Schloss. Rabbi Schloss has been at Aish HaTorah for well over thirty years. He came in as a student seeking the Almighty and soon became one of the most popular Jewish law teachers at Aish. In his spare time, when he is not teaching, he serves as the head of Human Resources for Aish HaTorah Jerusalem. What hit me at his son Ephraim’s wedding was that now because of Aish HaTorah a whole new generation of children are being born into Jewish homes and are dedicating their lives to spreading the word of the Almighty.

I felt this point even stronger because I was sitting at the wedding with Rabbi Ephraim Shore, deputy director general of Aish Global, who would be making the wedding for his son Daniel this coming Sunday. Rabbi Shore came to Aish HaTorah from a small town in Canada and went on to play pivotal roles in many Aish branches around the world including Aish Miami and Aish Toronto. Today Rabbi Shore plays a crucial role in Aish Tel Aviv as well as in Jerusalem at Aish Global.

As I sat at the wedding for Ephraim, the son of Rabbi Daniel Schloss, awaiting the wedding of Daniel, the son of Rabbi Ephraim Shore, it occurred to me how our work has changed the Judaic trajectory of so many lives. A whole new generation of Aish families are sweeping the globe dedicated to spreading the Almighty’s word.

May the Almighty bless the next generation of Aish families with the strength and resiliency to continue to love Torah. May the entire Aish community (that means every one of us!) refocus and redouble our efforts to offer the beauty of Torah to every Jew around the world. Most importantly, a hearty Mazel Tov from the bottom of my heart to the Schloss and Shore Mishpacha (family) on the expansion of their already beautiful families.

Warm regards and good shabbos!

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