Dear Aish Family,

One of the perks of being the Director General of Aish Global is that I am able to travel to Aish branches around the world to get a firsthand look at the innovative, cutting edge programs that are strengthening the Jewish people. This past week I traveled to South Florida with Rabbi Ephraim Shore, Deputy Director General of Aish Global, to attend various meetings. By far, the most exciting meeting was with Aish South Florida executive director, Rabbi Tzvi Nightingale.

Rabbi Shore and Rabbi Nightingale met as young students at our Yeshiva over 35 years ago. They also worked together in South Florida so it was a bit of a reunion. The conversation quickly turned to an innovative program that Rabbi Nightingale had just started called MyShabbat.

This program is set to utilize 25 Jewish families that have all agreed to open up their homes for a Friday night dinner for local millennials. The brilliant part is that they are trying to duplicate the methodology which has worked wonders in the Western Wall plaza for decades.

Every Friday night young Jews gather in the Kotel plaza and are assigned a home to attend  Shabbos dinner by Rabbi Jeff Seidel. Rabbi Nightingale is making the local Aish center the place for everyone to meet and feel welcome before being matched with a warm hospitable Jewish family. That way it is more comfortable for the collegiate and young professionals as opposed to showing up at a strangers home. What sensitivity!!

The real beauty of this program is that it utilizes amazing Jewish families to host. Every knowledgeable Jew must learn to reach out to our brothers and sisters. The best vehicle has always been the Jewish home. We need to show how Shabbos transforms our lives and brings families closer together. May the Almighty bless every Jewish home with an open door and a house full of inspiration.

Warm regards and good shabbos!

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