Dear Aish Family,

This past week we welcomed members of the Aish family back to Jerusalem from all over the globe. We came together to mark the eighth Yahrtzeit (anniversary of one’s passing) of the founder of Aish HaTorah, Rav Noach Weinberg. It is very hard to put into words the feelings and emotions that were felt over the course of the Aish HaTorah Yarchai Kallah (gathering for study). I believe everyone in attendance experienced a bonding that will remain in our hearts for a long time.

We spent every day absorbed in Torah study and refocusing on the mission of Aish. You can watch my closing talk about the vision of where Aish HaTorah is headed here.

I can sum up my talk in one sentence- NO JEW WILL BE LEFT BEHIND. Aish will make sure that we offer every Jew in the world the ability to study Torah and join the Jewish community, no matter how limited their background may be.

I want to mention one point which was the personal highlight for me.  Rav Yitzchak Berkovits, the Rosh Kollel of the Jerusalem Kollel and the Posek (authority on Jewish law) for most of the Aish HaTorah community, addressed a packed Beis Medrash (study hall). In his talk which can be watched here.

Rabbi Berkovitz discussed whether it is better for a person to buy a Mehadrin (“Super Kosher”) pair of Tefilin for $2000 dollars or should one buy themselves a regularly kosher pair for $1000 and another pair of Tefilin for a Jew that does not have one. He answered beautifully that all Jews are responsible on a spiritual level for one another so one must buy themselves the lesser and give from their heart to a fellow Jew.

This talk by Rav Berkovits sums up Aish HaTorah’s philosophy. We are all one Jewish Nation. As long as our Jewish brothers and sisters are far from the Almighty and Torah we are incomplete. We must reach out to all Jews and embrace them. We must be sure that every Jew has the option to study Torah and develop a relationship with the Almighty.

I always address this email to the Aish family because in my nineteen months as the head of Aish I have felt a strong connection to all of you. After this past week, I am more determined than ever to continue building Aish so that we can complete the work of Rav Noach and the Almighty. Let us all commit to working together, as the Aish family, to strengthening and building the Jewish nation.

Warm regards and good shabbos!

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