Dear Aish Family,

This coming week is one of the most significant periods of time for the Aish family. Eight years ago this coming Tuesday we lost one of the most substantive and charismatic Jewish leaders of all time. Rabbi Noach Weinberg’s Yahrtzeit (anniversary of his death) commemorates a painful time for the Jewish nation. We lost a precious Jew who loved and cared about all Jews as if they were his own sons and daughters.

When I assumed the position as the global head of Aish HaTorah
it was because I believed in the vision of Rav Noach. I believe that Rav Noach’s philosophy of loving every Jew and strengthening the Jewish nation through the study of Toras Chaim, relevant Torah, was something that was much bigger than just Aish. I also believe that his selfless approach to taking responsibility for all Jewish issues was the correct posture for Jewish leadership.

It was in this spirit that I asked the staff of Aish HaTorah to put together a four-day Yarchai Kallah (week of study) in his memory. This coming Monday through Thursday we will come together to focus on the philosophy and leadership of Rav Noach. I believe that this is needed to not only strengthen ourselves but to make sure that Rav Noach’s teachings are internalized and become a part of the Jewish Mesorah (Tradition).

I would ask all of you who are not joining us this week to focus from sundown on Monday until sundown on Tuesday, the Hebrew date of Rav Noach’s Yahrtzeit (HaRav Yisroel Noach Ben Yitzchak Mattisyahu zt”l), on how you can inspire your Jewish brothers and sisters to become closer to the Almighty.

Warm regards and good shabbos!

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