Dear Aish Family,

One of the amazing things that I have come to love about Aish is the global reach of our organization. You can travel around the world and between the Aish branches and the Rabbis who have been trained by Aish you can scarcely find a corner of the Jewish world where Aish does not play a prominent role.

This week I was visiting Aish LA and I came across an amazing program. When I was at the Aish Shul I met Dalia Eliav Partouche from the MyAish program in LA. Dalia is a dedicated, charismatic, passionate educator who has been working with Rabbi Yitz Jacobs for the last few years to educate the young women of Los Angeles.

Dalia invited me to a program that evening called “PowerUP” for young women. She explained to me that PowerUP was a weekly learning program created for women (ages 21-34) who are searching for a deeper understanding and connection to Judaism. I told her that I had a business dinner that evening but I would try to return. Thankfully I was able to put jetlag aside (10-hour time difference) and return. Boy, am I glad I did.

When I returned to the Aish Shul I found it packed with young women who were thirsting for Torah. Many of them were young professionals who had come on a rainy night straight from work. The common goal in the room was a love for Torah and Dalia. To me, this signifies what Aish is all about.

One of Aish HaTorah’s main principals and guiding beliefs is that every Jew has a right to learn about their heritage through the prism of Torah. Here were over one hundred women joined together thirsting for Torah. The job of Aish HaTorah is to teach in a way that is intellectually stimulating and accessible to all. Dalia created a program that was just that. It had multiple levels and interesting topics.

I think that all of us, and all of you, who consider themselves a part of the Aish community must learn from Aish LA’s example. We must strive to arm our Jewish brothers and sisters with the most powerful tool that we possess. That, of course, is the Torah. It has kept us as one nation for thousands of years. No matter what country expelled us or what catastrophe we suffered the Torah kept us as one nation. May the Almighty give Aish LA and all of us the strength to ensure that every Jew becomes Judaically literate.
Warm regards and good shabbos!

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