Dear Aish Family,

Rabbi-Steven-BurgAs many of you know I travel extensively for Aish. It is unusual for a week to go by without spending time on a plane. One of the ongoing challenges of so much travel is praying on planes. Frankly, there is no ideal way to pray while on an airplane.

Last week a fellow Jew approached me as we were about to board the plane from Newark, NJ to Israel. They asked me if I could help make a minyan on the plane since they were saying Kaddish. I told them my seat number and that I would be happy to help.

At some point in the flight, the fellow came to get me and told me that the United Airlines flight attendants had said that we could use their kitchen in the back of the plane to pray. When I got there, sure enough, the United Airlines kitchen had been converted into a flying Shul.

After we prayed I made a point of going over to the flight attendant to say thank you. She stopped me and said that it was the most amazing thing that whenever they lend out the galley to Jews to pray, they always made a point of saying thank you.

What a proud moment as a Jew. To hear that Jews who pray have a reputation of not only thanking the Almighty but also those that facilitate our connection to him was deeply satisfying.

Yesterday across the United States was Thanksgiving. Many people came together to be thankful for all that they have. As a Jew, we have the great honor of every day being Thanksgiving. Every day we have the ability to thank the Almighty for all that he provides us with. Every day we can thank all those around us who make our lives qualitatively better.

As many of you have read, there is currently a serious situation in Israel regarding forest fires. May we all take the time to ask the Almighty to ensure that our brothers and sisters in Israel are safe. May we also take the time to thank all the brave firefighters around Israel who are risking their lives to save their fellow Jews. Aish has hosted many of those currently fighting the blazes at the Aish Dan Family World Center. May the Almighty thank all those who are currently risking their lives to help stop this fire by granting them health and strength.

Good Shabbos!

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