Dear Aish Family,

Rabbi-Steven-BurgOne of the questions I get asked frequently is, “How do students find their way to Aish HaTorah?” This semester finds our world class Beis Medrash (School / Study Hall) bursting at the seams. One of our visiting donors, who comes often to recharge his batteries by studying at Aish, came to complain to me with a big smile on their face, that this was the first time in years they had trouble finding an open seat in the Beis Medrash.

Under the leadership of our new Yeshiva Director, Rabbi Dovid Rosman, we have spent the last year working on creating unity within the walls of our Yeshiva. We moved the Latino program from their alcove off on the side to the middle of the main room. Our Rabbinical program of 22 students is also available right in the midst of the action to study and assist those that may need more help. These changes have resulted in a spike in enrollment. Nothing creates growth like unity!

IMG 4018So how do Aish students reach Yeshiva Aish HaTorah? It is a process that takes many partners. Many students hear about our Yeshiva from all of you. The largest recruiting tool that we possess are our donors and alumni. Every week we have students attending our Aish Essential beginners classes because someone had met them along their life’s journey and suggested that they take time to learn Torah.

I mention this on an important week for the Jewish people. This Shabbos is designated as “The Shabbos Project”. I and my family will be in Brooklyn with Aish’s Project Inspire (click here to find out more about The Shabbos Project) celebrating the entire Jewish world adopting Aish’s mission to reach out to our Jewish brothers and sisters. Aish has played a crucial global role for The Shabbos Project. I would like to thank Allen and Edie Gross, my personal friends and the long time friends of our Rosh Yeshiva (Head of School) Rav Noach Weinberg ZT”L, for their important role in giving Aish the ability to continue to put outreach on the map through The Shabbos Project.

I sat with Mr. Gross recently at GFI Capital Resources Group where he serves as the Chairman and CEO. There were so many people walking the halls that he had invited for a Shabbos meal. You must read his interview (click here to read his interview) regarding this week’s Shabbos Project in Brooklyn. Mr. Gross articulates the goals of Aish better than anyone. He states “When you invite someone for Shabbos, you’re not just impacting one person, but their entire family, their future generations.”

Indeed, the mission of Aish HaTorah is the mission of the entire Jewish people. We all must extend a warm and open hand to our Jewish brothers and sisters. Pursuing our heritage is a Jewish birthright. Unfortunately, many Jews do not have this opportunity. Let’s give them that chance.

I welcome all of you to come to Israel and spend time with us studying relevant, passionate, vibrant, exciting Torah. Please spread the word near and far that Aish is open for business and our small goal is to make sure that every Jew around the world has an opportunity to study Torah. May the Almighty bless our students’ journey and the important work that we all must do on behalf of Aish HaTorah.

Good Shabbos!

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