Dear Aish Family, Rabbi-Steven-Burg

One of the things that have always defined Aish as the most dynamic movement in Judaism has been the expectation of leadership from everyone involved. It does not matter who a person is or where they come from. It does not matter if someone is a Rabbi, student or donor. If someone is breathing and a Jew, they are expected to lead. Rav Noach Weinberg, of blessed memory, taught us that if someone learns the Hebrew letter “alef” then they have an obligation to teach others the Hebrew letter “alef”. As Jews, we are all teachers.

Therefore, throughout Aish, you will find lay leaders teaching classes. So many Jews were inspired by Aish to not just write a check but, to get active and pass on our holy wisdom. I have logged many miles over the past year. Everywhere I have gone I have met the most incredible Jews who want the Jewish people to be great again. Rabbis, doctors, lawyers, bankers, real estate brokers etc. from all parts of the world who care about the Jewish nation with all of their heart. Jews who constantly fill their Shabbos tables with other Jews who can ask any question they desire.

Culturally, this necessitated a gathering once a year to refocus everyone on the mission of Aish HaTorah. This was affectionately known as the Aish Partners Conference. Aish activists from all over the globe would come together to recharge their batteries. World class speakers would inspire all involved to take responsibility for their fellow Jews.

14248824 10153792636447513 308537445 nThis year will be the “chai” (18th) anniversary of this conference. In light of Aish’s important mantra that all Jews must “take responsibility” for our people, we are renaming the conference as the Aish HaTorah Global Responsibility Conference.

The AGRC will be a place not only of inspiration but of activism. We will all come together to build the global community and discuss how to build a better Jewish world.

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With close to 1000 participants this will be the most sought after inspirational event of the year. I will keep all of you informed as the lineup unfolds with world renown speakers like Aish Jerusalem’s dynamic duo Rav Gav Friedman and Rabbi Etiel Goldwicht. We will also be showcasing our world renown branches and innovative projects. In short, this year’s AGRC is more than a weekend away — it is about connecting to a worldwide movement.

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I urge all of you to sign up as soon as possible since space is limited. The 18th Annual Aish HaTorah Global Responsibility Conference will take place this year on December 2-4 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Stamford, CT. For more information, please email or call 646-461-3314

Good Shabbos!

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