Dear Aish Family, Rabbi-Steven-Burg

This past week I had the pleasure of attending a retreat for Aish Campus Rabbis. One of the most crucial portals of engagement for Aish is our work with Millennials. These young Jews are, without exaggeration, the future of the Jewish people. So many Jewish Millennials find themselves on a university campus where being Jewish is tougher than ever.

Antisemitic events on university campuses are up and anti-Israel organizations find themselves with free reign to terrorize Jewish students. It is not surprising that these young Jews are increasingly choosing to not affiliate with any Jewish community.

To combat Jewish apathy, Aish has become a major presence on the campus scene. Many Aish Rabbis have moved to campuses devoid of kosher amenities to teach relevant Torah to young Jews. I was blessed to spend two hours talking with these heroic rabbis about the new direction of Aish.


What was so moving were the bridges that have been built between our Yeshiva in Israel and the Aish Campuses. We have literally created a strong pipeline for Jewish Millennials, who wish to know more about their heritage, straight to Jerusalem.

The strength of Aish is that we have created portals of entry for any Jew, no matter how little Judaic knowledge they may possess, to join the greater Jewish community. Make no mistake about it, the Jews are like a hand. Open wide and you have five separate fingers. Close your hand tight and bring them all together, you have one fist. The Almighty seeks the unity of Jews above all else. Together there is nothing the Jewish people can’t accomplish.

Good Shabbos!

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