Dear Aish Family,

Rabbi-Steven-BurgWhen I came to Aish last summer we were in the midst of ordaining a group of thirteen young Rabbis. It was an exciting time for our organization. These were passionate Aish students who were going to change the world. We had a beautiful ceremony in the Dan Family Aish World Center Building and there were many speeches by prominent Rabbis wishing them well. Then came the day after…..

While we had a terrific Rabbinical program, there was no definitive start to the next round. We were unsure of who to target for admission and even the curriculum was a bit of a moving target. I am proud to announce that as of this September (Elul) we will start a yearly commitment to accept fifteen young men to our rabbinical program. It will entail a two year commitment and there will be a rolling enrollment so after this year there will be approximately thirty students at any given time in the program.

smicha graduates - 07-2015Our goal will be to instill in these students Torah knowledge so they can lead, teach and assist their Jewish brothers and sisters around the world. We are recruiting Spanish and Hebrew speakers for the first time, understanding that to service the Jewish nation we must speak many languages. Classes will be given by world renown Torah scholars Rabbi Ephraim Kirshenbaum, Rabbi Nachum Borowski and Rabbi Moshe Leader with hadracha from Rabbi Eliezer Zheutlin.

Great emphasis is being placed on teaching Aish HaTorah philosophy to these young men. Rabbi Noach Weinberg’s approach of taking responsibility for the Jewish nation will be a crucial component to our program and is being coordinated by Rabbi Eric Coopersmith. Rebbetzin Dina Schoonmaker will be working with our future Rebbetzins on their development and skills.

13492759 10153617423162513 1402218397 nI would like to thank Rabbi Dovid Schoonmaker, Rabbi Eliezer Zheutlin and Rabbi Dovid Rosman for their hard work. Although we are almost at capacity for next year, please feel free to recommend this programs to anyone you feel would benefit Aish and the Jewish people. We are also openly and actively looking for sponsors for for this incredible program.

Rav Noach Weinberg left us an important legacy. He never shied away from tackling any problem that presented itself to the Jewish people. We must learn from his legacy. We must make sure the Jewish nation gets stronger not weaker.

We believe that the way to serve the Almighty and defend the Jewish people is with an army. An army of Rabbis and Rebetzins ready to go out and love Jews. Ready to create environments where the door is wide opening and relevant Torah will be on the menu. Our new Rabbinical program will position Aish to strengthen the Jewish future.

Good Shabbos!

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