Dear Aish Family,

Rabbi-Steven-BurgThis week has been a whirlwind of activity at the Dan Family Aish World Center. We have had missions from all over the world. Literally, as one group walked out of a classroom from a lecture another entered. Personally, I felt Shabbos was the highlight.

Before Passover, I had the pleasure of visiting Penn State and spending time with the Aish Rabbis and Aish students there. This past Friday, in the spirit of welcoming Shabbos, I spoke to over 80 Penn State students who came with Aish on a Birthright trip on our rooftop. To me, this summed up the mission of Aish HaTorah. Teaching Jewish wisdom to students on their campus and then having these same students visit the Aish campus to live Jewish Wisdom.

Penn State

Continuing into Shabbos I joined our Spanish speaking students from Latin America at the Western Wall in exciting and passionate prayer. Their enthusiasm was contagious.

TWN 7886-copy

We then all walked together with our visiting Board of Governor members, Dr. Stuart and Andrea Hytman to eat dinner at the Yeshiva. In the middle of dinner I went with the Hytmans to visit the different programs that were eating dinner at the Dan Family Aish World Center building. There were no less than five different groups celebrating their Shabbos dinner at Aish. It was truly a packed house!



I believe in my heart that this was the vision of our teacher and mentor Rabbi Noach Weinberg of blessed memory. Aish HaTorah has become the center of the Jewish universe in Israel for any Jew striving to study and experience relevant welcoming Jewish wisdom. Our doors are wide open to each and every Jew who wants to understand a bit more about their journey in this world. I am proud and humbled to be a part of a movement that recognizes that passionate and inspired Jews can change the world. Indeed Aish has and is continuing to make the world a better place every day. May the Almighty give us the strength to continue to love and encourage every Jew.

Good Shabbos!

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