Dear Aish Family,

Rabbi-Steven-BurgI know this is a busy time for all of us getting ready for the Passover Seder. In essence the Seder is synonymous with Aish. Someone recently said to me “Rabbi, Aish HaTorah is our Google. When we have questions, it is the first place we turn to!”

Indeed, Aish has served as the Jewish worlds “Google” for over 40 years. Every day at Aish HaTorah is a Passover Seder, with Jews either physically in person at one of our many locations around the Globe or digitally in the cyber universe, asking us many more than four questions. The Jewish religion has long believed that there are no bad questions. Every Jew must be encouraged to ask what is in their heart.

In that spirit I would like to offer all of you the chance to download the official Aish Seder Companion edited by Rabbi Hershel Lutch. It is easily printed and will enhance your Seder.

Pesach Pamphlet CoverThis year we dedicated this volume in honor of two truly amazing friends of Aish. Jerry and Eileen Lieberman have been long time partners and supporters of Aish HaTorah. Jerry served as the Chairman of Aish HaTorah’s Global Advisory Board and has worked extremely hard the past few years to help rebuild Aish.

Aish HaTorah was built with many partners around the world. As I have traveled the globe these last few months I have been astonished by the energy and dedication of all of you. Jews from all walks of life have been rolling up their sleeves to help Aish regain its stature as the most significant global Jewish educational institution. An organization dedicated to helping Jews became passionate and inspired by their Judaism. In the coming year we will be looking to solidify and grow those partnerships. Please get ready to join us as Aish helps to create an excited and driven Jewish community. May the Almighty bless us all this Passover with the curiosity to question and the patience to receive the answer. Happy Passover and good Shabbos!

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