Dear Aish Family,

Rabbi-Steven-BurgWhen the Dan Family World Center was built, the vision for the usage of the building was varied. Everything from educational classrooms to the Kirk Douglass Theater were prepared to convey Torah Wisdom in a palatable and inspirational manner. On the fifth floor the Michelle and Bob Diener terrace was built overlooking the Western Wall. While I am sure in the planning stages the terrace was viewed as an inspirational overlook, it has become one of the most romantic spots in Jerusalem.

One of the most often requests that we receive from young men is for permission to propose to their prospective brides on the Aish roof. Given the sheer volume of visitors to our roof (and the sheer number of rose pedals that accompany the engagements and their uncanny ability to clog the drains on the roof…) a decision was made to allow engagements only on the Diener terrace.


I can personally attest to the large number of engagements due to the fact that our main board room, the Hytman Western Wall conference room, is immediately adjacent to the balcony. Suffice it to say that it definitely livens up some meetings to see two young Jews about to start their life together.

Given that so many of our students in our Yeshiva enter as single young men and leave as loving husbands, the Diener Terrace is one of the most memorable moments for many students during their time here.

P1130909This past Wednesday night, one more engagement took place on the Diener terrace. Yonatan Nuszen got engaged to Sarah Boldor. Yonatan became involved with Aish New York while he was a student at Stony Brook University majoring in business management. After working as a hotel manager in Manhattan, he decided to come to study in our yeshiva for three weeks. Three years later, Yonatan is still studying in our Yeshiva and has recently made Aliya.

P1130788When I first came to Aish one of my priorities was to improve communication with all members of the Aish family around the world. I started sending this email from my iPhone which also doubled as the official camera and video recorder for Aish Global. I knew I needed help as my workload increased. Yonatan would come by most nights when I was working late constantly asking what he could do to help. I finally told him about the email that I wanted to make sure went out weekly. “No problem” Yonatan said, and for the past few months Yonatan has been collecting the information for this email and editing it. Recently we hired Yonatan as the communication associate for Aish Global.

I want to publicly thank Yonatan for his hard work over the last few months in enabling the Aish family to come together. You can email your best wishes and thanks to him at May the Almighty bless Yonatan and Sarah with the strength, inspiration and wisdom to build a beautiful Jewish home. MAZEL TOV!!

Thanks to Eli Abramowitz of the Aish Gesher Program for providing the photos.

Good Shabbos!

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