Dear Aish Family,

Rav Burg1This past Shabbos I truly learned what it meant to be a part of Aish. I spent the weekend being warmly welcomed into the Aish Toronto family.

I met with the professional leadership of one of the oldest branches in Aish HaTorah. Rabbis Mandel, Zelunka, and Zack Garelick walked me through all of their tremendous accomplishments. We spent time talking about the future and growth potential of Aish Toronto. I also had some great conversations with Aish Toronto President Mark Halpern.

On Shabbos I had the honor of spending time with Rabbi Rothman and speaking multiple times at the Aish Thornhill Community Shul. On Saturday night we got together with the leadership of the Aish Village Shul amongst many others.

Rav Burg 2Rav Burg ShabbosThe absolute highlight of the weekend was Friday night dinner at the home of Dr. & Dr. Bloom. Tara & Michael Bloom are both prominent physicians in Toronto. On Friday night they hosted 30 people at their Shabbos table.

Dr.   Dr. BloomMost were young University students with plans to go into the field of medicine. The discussion at the Shabbos table revolved around medical ethics and Halacha. The Blooms, along with their four beautiful children, demonstrated how one’s Shabbos table can be the most powerful tool for teaching and showing Jews the beauty of Judaism. This week they are hosting another 40 students from the Aish Campus program in Toronto.

It is my firm belief that the Aish community must be built on the backs of heroes like the Bloom family. May the Almighty bless all of us with the strength to host so many of his children every week at our Shabbos table.

Good Shabbos!

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