Dear Aish Family,Rabbi-Steven-Burg

This week I had the great merit to visit one of our most active branches in St. Louis. Aish St. Louis was one of the first branches established over thirty years ago. I was able to spend my time there speaking to the Aish partners and board members. What really struck me was that every place that local branch head Rabbi Yosef David took me, whether it be to local restaurants or Shuls, we would meet Aish alumni who at some point in their Judaic journey were inspired by Aish HaTorah. Here was a community whose very nature and character was formed and nurtured by our institution.

I realized that St. Louis was a microcosm of what Aish HaTorah has achieved for over 40 years. Their are countless families who are now living rich Jewish lives due to Rav Noach Weinberg’s zt”l, powerful vision of an institution based in Jerusalem that would reach out to the world through our branches. The local Aish branch offices around the world are day in and day out carrying out the mission of Aish HaTorah.

Just last week we hosted a women’s mission from St. Louis at the Dan Family Aish HaTorah World Center run by Rebbetzin David. That is the synergy that our organization is able to provide. Participants can come to Jerusalem for a shot of inspiration. We all know that inspiration is fleeting unless accompanied by the perspiration that goes into the learning of Torah. That is the job that our branches around the world do so well. I want to publicly thank Rabbi David and Rabbi Greenwald for all of their hard work in continuing the mission of Aish HaTorah in St. Louis. May we merit the strength to continue to build Aish branches around the world to spread the wisdom of the Almighty.

Good Shabbos!

Aish St. Louis Womens Trip

full group pics

Final Banquet at Gush Etzion Winery

Aish St. Louis pioneered a new women’s trip to Israel, bringing 49 women from four different cities on a 9 day trip of inspiration and connection. Called¬†Jewish Women on a Journey, the group was comprised of women from St. Louis, Denver, Detroit, and Los Angeles.

The idea to create this trip developed when Aish St. Louis had so many applicants for our JWRP women’s trip who did not fit the JWRP demographic (no children at all, children grown etc.). These women were strongly seeking an inspiring and educational Israel trip with the special female sisterhood that the JWRP trips were known for. The trip was geared for women ages 45-60ish who don’t have children at home.

stl group pic

It was led by Mimi David, the women’s educational director of Aish St. Louis and assisted by singer and song leader Tziona Zeffren of St Louis. The women heard from an all-star line up of Aish educators including Rav Gav Friedman, Rabbi Eric Coopersmith, Rabbi Yom Tov Glazer, Rabbi Eitiel Goldvicht, and Rabbi Yehuda Weinberg.

Some unique highlights of the trip were: Rabbi Nachum Stillerman and his wife as the Shabbos scholars-in-residence, a trip to Dialogue in the Dark, Sara Yocheved Rigler, tour of the City of David, an adult bat mitzvah ceremony on top of Masada, and amazing tour guides. Some of the tour guides were also Aish alumni like David Sussman and Patrick Amar.

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