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Rabbi-Steven-BurgAish was built upon the principle of taking responsibility when the Jewish people are threatened. Everywhere we turn we are seeing horrible incidences of antisemitism on college campus. The BDS (boycott, divestment and sanction) movement has tried to turn Israel into a lonely pariah. Something needed to be done on campuses across America to help students recognize the beauty and strength of Israel. It is under these circumstances that Hasbara Fellowships, under the leadership of Rabbi Elliot Mathias, has stepped up to the plate with one of the most innovative programs on campus.

This past week Aish’s Hasbara Fellowships kicked off their “Startup Nation Technology Fairs”. The Technology Fairs aim is to engage and educate a wide range of University students who have very limited exposure to or knowledge of Israel. They are engaging these students in their area of interest – business, technology and innovation by partnering with Business schools and entrepreneurial student clubs.

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A few highlights:

Hasbara on ABC

1) ABC news covered the fair this week at University of Delaware.

Hasbara Fellowships2) At University of Massachusetts, 450 students attended the fair. The Business school gave extra credit to students who attended and wrote a short report of the event.

Startup Nation Technology Fair3) At Northeastern University, a “Shark Tank” event was run where students presented their ideas for new startup companies with the Israeli CEO’s as the deciding panelists.

I want to thank Rabbi Mathias and the whole Hasbara fellowship team for creating one of the most innovative and creative programs to hit college campuses in years. May the Almighty continue to give us the strength to continue to fight those that choose to hate the Jewish nation.

Good Shabbos!

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