Dear Aish Family,

Rabbi Steven BurgOne of the most important topics that I have been involved with since I came on board seven months ago has been sustainability. Day in and day out we have worked hard to solidify our relationships with so many of you around the globe so we can raise much needed funds and build Aish HaTorah together. In addition, we have worked hard on managing our assets and finances in a transparent and professional manner.

This past week, I promoted Jamie Feinmesser to fill the role of CFO of Aish HaTorah. Jamie joined us less than a year ago from the private sector as comptroller and has been a major force in managing our finances. I am proud to report that under Jamie’s leadership, we have started to pay down our debt in a significant way.

Last week we hosted the first annual Aish fundraising conference at Kibbutz Lavi. For three days, led by the indefatigable Rabbi Yitz Greenman, our fundraising team came together to talk about how to build Aish HaTorah. It was an energizing conference and we are blessed to have Rabbi Greenman leading our fundraising efforts.

I am proud to announce an amazing Opportunity to Help Aish Raise $1,000,000 in 24 Hours!!

Save the DateThis coming Tuesday, February 16th and Wednesday, February 17th is the perfect time to partner with us to continue inspiring tens of thousands of Jews each year. Due to the generous support of three long time supporters of Aish, every dollar donated that day will be QUADRUPLED until we reach the $1,000,000 goal.

We will only have 24 hours to reach this and it’s all or nothing. If we don’t get to the $1,000,000 the donations will be returned.

It is an exciting event where the students, staff and rabbi’s here in Jerusalem will be “all hands on deck”, reaching out to friends, family and donors.

It all starts on Tuesday at 1pm EST. Visit at that time and make your donation. You can also email your contacts and post it on social media.

For more information and to see how you can get more involved, please email Rabbi Jack Kalla at

Thank you to all of our partners around the world for believing in Aish HaTorah. My pledge to all of you is that we will work hard every day to lead and build the Jewish nation.

Good Shabbos!

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