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Rabbi Steven BurgOne of the greatest strengths of the Aish HaTorah network is the synergy that comes from being a global organization. Last week Aish New York organized a reunion for three buses of Birthright participants through an Aish program called Bring Israel Home. It was a jam packed Shabbos retreat in the DoubleTree hotel in Fort Lee, NJ. Young passionate Jews left inspired to get involved in their local Jewish community. Sunday was full with Jewish organizations signing up volunteers to strengthen the Jewish nation.

What made it so special is that they were joined by 18 IDF soldiers who had toured Israel with them. This is where Aish Israel joined in. Aish Israel, led by Rabbi Eitiel Goldwicht and Rabbi Shimmy Kaufman, accompanied the soldiers to the USA and after the reunion led a tour around NY for the soldiers. The soldiers were moved by the warm embrace and thanks that they received from the extended Aish NY family. Please take the time to read about their trip and understand what makes Aish so special. From Birthright participants to IDF soldiers Aish is a great vehicle to bring Jews together around the world.

Good Shabbos!

Aish Israel’s Incredible Week in NYC

Aish Israel 15

18 soldiers, some current and some recently discharged, joined us for a week in NYC as part of the Birthright follow-up initiative, Bring Israel Home, sparked by Aish NY.

The soldiers spent the weekend with many of the Birthright participants who were on their buses. They then continued with Aish Israel for an unforgettable 4 days in NYC, which offered the soldiers an opportunity to meet the Jewish community, to learn Torah and to become connected to Am Yisrael’s family and mission

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