Dear Aish Family,

Rabbi GreenmanIt was a pleasure to host Rabbi Yitz Greenman in Israel this week as we celebrated his appointment as Executive Director of Aish HaTorah. Rabbi Greenman’s new responsibilities include cultivating partnerships and developing the growth of Aish HaTorah around the globe.

One of the most touching moments came when Rabbi Greenman spoke in the Beis Medrash. It was very powerful to have an alumnus of Aish HaTorah get up and talk about how he sat in the very same seats that our current students occupy when he started his journey 32 years ago.

Rabbi Greenman in Beis Medrash

At the end of his address, Rabbi Greenman asked all of the students of the Yeshiva to join him in fundraising by learning for an extra 5 minutes a day. This extra learning will be in the merit of those working to build partnerships for Aish HaTorah around the world. He explained that as a result of this Torah study our fundraisers will be successful in partnering to raise the funds to allow Aish to continue to fulfill its global mission.

The next morning I was surprised when one of the students approached me to tell me that “last night I had a successful night fundraising”. When I asked him what he fundraised for, he replied, “I learned my extra 5 minutes last night so that all of the Aish HaTorah fundraisers would be successful”. I think that this was a very powerful lesson. The culture of Aish HaTorah is based on the Torah given to us by the Almighty. We all must understand that the way to be successful in life is through the prism of Torah study.

We wish Rabbi Greenman tremendous success in his new role. We must all follow his advice by learning Torah in the merit that those who lead the Jewish nation will be successful in their work.

Good Shabbos!

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