Dear Aish Family,

unnamedOne of the traditions that Aish HaTorah was founded on was activism. The Rosh HaYeshiva Rav Noach Weinberg ZT”L always pushed the concept of taking responsibility for the Jewish people. I was moved beyond words to learn that a student named Yair Levie from Teaneck, NJ decided that as his Bar Mitzvah project, he would raise money for the family of Rabbi Biermacher’s HY”D family.

To watch a 13 year old Jew show such caring and compassion for a Jewish family half way around the world symbolizes what the Jewish nation is all about. These past two weeks everywhere I have gone Jews have stopped me off to offer condolences to the Aish HaTorah family over the tragic murder of Rabbi Biermacher by antisemites. The Ocean Avenue Jewish Center, which is the Synagogue I grew up in, led by my father Rabbi Melvin Burg, gave me over $5000 in contributions for the Biermacher family. Jews come together when tragedy hits.

What we must remain focused on is not only how Rabbi Biermacher was killed but how he lived. Rabbi Biermacher lived a life filled with learning and teaching Torah. The Almighty’s wisdom is the true connector of Jews all around the globe. May we continue to learn sweet Torah in memory of this sweet educator who was taken from us.

Good Shabbos!

Bar Mitzvah Chesed

The lessons that Rabbi Biermacher not only taught, but lived by on a daily basis continue to resonate and make a difference in his students, friends, and community. One of those people who has decided to use this tragedy to become better and make a difference is Yair Levie. After he heard about how Rabbi Biermacher was murdered, he made it his mission to raise money to help support the Biermacher family. This was one of the many projects that Yair committed to during his Bar Mirzvah.

Bar Mitzvah Chesed

Here is a picture of Yair collecting money in Teaneck New Jersey to help provide for Rabbi Biermachers family. We would like to thank Yair and his family for hearing the call of Klal Yisroel and taking a stand to make a difference

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